What is the Best Career Path for Your Personality Type? 

Have you wondered why some people seem to thrive in their careers, while others feel unfulfilled? The answer might lie in the alignment between their career path and their personality type. Perhaps you feel that you don’t know what career path to take? Let us help you understand the importance of aligning your career withContinue reading “What is the Best Career Path for Your Personality Type? “

Eight legit reasons to quit your job

If you find yourself feeling trapped in your current job, it’s time to reflect on your true desires for your career path. Countless opportunities are waiting, just begging to be seized. While the thought of leaving your job might send shivers down your spine, it’s crucial to take a step back and evaluate your situation.Continue reading “Eight legit reasons to quit your job”

A Brief Overview of Great Career Counseling Techniques

As a career counselor, your job is to provide professional advice and interventions to help your clients make informed career decisions, cope with change, and identify learning opportunities. To do so, you need to have the right resources and techniques at your disposal. Here are some tips to make your career counseling sessions more effective:Continue reading “A Brief Overview of Great Career Counseling Techniques”

Recruiting at a Startup is Exciting and Thriling

Recruiting at a startup (and most often at a scale-up) is a Herculean task. As a startup company, finding the right talent is crucial for growth and success. That’s primarily the founder’s responsibility. However, at some point (usually at scale-up / high-growth stage with 50+ people on board) the first recruiter gets hired. Once foundersContinue reading “Recruiting at a Startup is Exciting and Thriling”

Creating Happiness at Work. Guide for Managers

We all know why creating happiness at work is good for employees, but did you know that it’s also good for your bottom line? Help instil a sense of wellness and joy at work with these tried and tested happiness-boosting methods.

How to Find Out What Career Fits Me

Found yourself asking, “I don’t know what career fits me” recently? You’re not alone. Our education has been slow to catch-up with industry trends and half of us don’t know what careers are even out there today, let alone which ones fit us.

 Culture fit: what it means for employees?

Culture fit is an element of screening potential candidates, based on individuals’ values, attitudes, and beliefs. It is very important to an organization that the candidate’s core values and beliefs are in line with the company’s business culture.