What Jobs Can You Find After A Coding Bootcamp In 2022?

Whether this is your first career in tech or you’re picking up coding to expand into a new field, a bootcamp can put you on track for a variety of career paths. In this article, we’ll explore what jobs you can find as a coding bootcamp graduate, what type of companies you can work for, and how you can land your first job in tech.

How to Find Out What Career Fits Me

Found yourself asking, “I don’t know what career fits me” recently? You’re not alone. Our education has been slow to catch-up with industry trends and half of us don’t know what careers are even out there today, let alone which ones fit us.

How to Find a Job After a Bootcamp

So you’ve just completed a coding bootcamp course and are thinking, now what? Or perhaps you’re midway through, thinking ahead about what comes next. You’ve been promised six-figure salaries and Silicon Valley, the chance to land a job that will see you set financially for life.

How to Build Experience During Your Bootcamp

So, you’ve successfully signed up for a coding Bootcamp, and now you’re thinking: what else should I be doing? First of all, well done for taking the plunge! Taking a Bootcamp is one of the best ways you can transform your career and land you your dream career in tech.