Cofounder matching tips and advice 

Recently I talked to Stanford’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES) about our team formation tools and how they could potentially help up-and-coming entrepreneurs and students taking classes like Startup Garage, Lean Launchpad and scores of other entrepreneurial courses across Stanford, as well as summer courses in innovation and entrepreneurship, to improve how they get matchedContinue reading “Cofounder matching tips and advice “

Personal Development Plan for 2022: The Ultimate Guide to Your Roadmap

Like most of the world, your end of the year was not only marked with gorgeous fireworks in the sky, but also with some thoughts entering your mind regarding the personal and professional goals that you’d like to achieve within the promising year of 2022.

How to Find Out What Career Fits Me

Found yourself asking, “I don’t know what career fits me” recently? You’re not alone. Our education has been slow to catch-up with industry trends and half of us don’t know what careers are even out there today, let alone which ones fit us.

Five Tips for Mastering a Behavioral Interview

You are awaiting an interview for an exciting new job. You are nervous. You check how you look in the mirror multiple times. You rehearse a few answers to potential questions in your head. You look at your watch to await your turn. You feel anxious…

How to Showcase Soft Skills on Your Resume

You’ll hear the phrase “soft skills” thrown around a lot when looking to build your resume. It can be easy to throw in the words “motivated” and “organised” in your resume bio but taking the time to formally assess your soft skills is a vital part of the application process. 

Thinking About Doing a Coding Bootcamp? Here is our Ultimate Guide

As college fees get ever more expensive, tech savvy individuals are increasingly looking for fast, exciting and better value alternatives. In the past decade, the Coding Bootcamp has stepped up to fill this growing need, offering long-term, intensive business courses that promise quick results and eye-openingly high graduate salaries.