Cofounder matching tips and advice 

Recently I talked to Stanford’s Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES) about our team formation tools and how they could potentially help up-and-coming entrepreneurs and students taking classes like Startup Garage, Lean Launchpad and scores of other entrepreneurial courses across Stanford, as well as summer courses in innovation and entrepreneurship, to improve how they get matchedContinue reading “Cofounder matching tips and advice “

Tips on How to Get Hired at a Startup

Are you interested in getting a job at a startup? Especially if you’re moving from the corporate world into a startup world, this will require the right mindset, flexibility and can be intimidating on a personal level, but if you want to learn and grow then you have to get out of your comfort zone.Continue reading “Tips on How to Get Hired at a Startup”

Excited about Startups? Pros, Cons, Salaries of Working at Startups

Are you thinking about working for a startup? While there are risks associated with working for a startup, the potential rewards can be great. Startups offer opportunities for growth, as well as the chance to work with smart and passionate colleagues. It can be an exciting opportunity with lots of potential for growth and learning.Continue reading “Excited about Startups? Pros, Cons, Salaries of Working at Startups”