How to overcome distractions and focus on deep work

How many times do you get distracted each day? Once you have a rough estimate in mind, take that number and multiply by 25. The figure that you arrive at is roughly the amount of time that you lose each day as you are not concentrating.

How to Find a Job After a Bootcamp

So you’ve just completed a coding bootcamp course and are thinking, now what? Or perhaps you’re midway through, thinking ahead about what comes next. You’ve been promised six-figure salaries and Silicon Valley, the chance to land a job that will see you set financially for life.

Five Tips for Mastering a Behavioral Interview

You are awaiting an interview for an exciting new job. You are nervous. You check how you look in the mirror multiple times. You rehearse a few answers to potential questions in your head. You look at your watch to await your turn. You feel anxious…

Will I Thrive More in a Startup or Big Company Environment?

It is no secret that different people thrive in different environments. Some people are struggling with the new WFH reality, whereas others are enjoying the reduced commutes and increased flexibility.